Holwick vacation to the Southwest, August 2005


This year we tried something new - a Guy Trip.  The girls stayed home and the men showed they could survive just fine on their own, thank you.  Our destinations were the Great Sand Dunes of Colorado, Molas Pass in the Rocky Mountains, Utah's Anasazi ruins in Grand Gulch, the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas.  The latter was not a Baptist pastor's choice of an appropriate conclusion but Josiah and Daniel were tired of wilderness at that point.

Daniel did much of the driving.

He insists on wearing sandals which his dad thinks is not as safe.  Daniel also thinks State Police will allow you 10-15 miles over the limit.  His father persuaded him otherwise.

Our first stop was the Ziegler Cemetery in Marshall, Illinois.  Several generations of Holwicks are buried here.  Below is the tomb of William Franklin Holwick, the first William in our line.  William Daniel and William Josiah (right) are the sixth generation of this tradition.  The boys are standing by the tombstone of Daniel Holwick (1825-1910).

Josiah insisted that this vacation satisfy his own passions.  He only has one - skateboarding.  Below, he is skateboarding in a small town in Kansas.  The residents stared at him as if he were a delinquent.  Perhaps they are on to something.  On the right, he is trying out one of the awesome free skate parks in Denver.  Daniel is filming with Josiah's $1,000 Sony digital camcorder.

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