A tour of Ledgewood Baptist's sanctuary


First Baptist Church of Ledgewood, New Jersey, was built in 1917 and has changed little in appearance since then.  The stained glass, pulpit and pews are all original.  The pews came from a church in New York City and the pulpit was made by a member of the church.

The stained glass is said to have come from a studio in Newark, New Jersey, and is high quality although it is not Tiffany.  Each window was donated by a local family or organization and has a memorial plaque at the bottom.   Each window also has a Bible verse, one of which is misspelled!

The Second Coming window uses several layers of glass to produce a dreamy effect.  The robes on all the Jesus figures are composed of drapery stained glass.



On the left is the view of the sanctuary from the pulpit.


On the right is a close-up of the landscape window (in the left photo it is just off the top corner of the pulpit).

Our Gethsemane window is particularly beautiful.

Each Thanksgiving Pam Freund decorates the communion table with produce from her garden (and the local farm stands).  This view gives a glimpse of the pulpit and choir area.

Don Jacke has been our organist for many years.  He is also
gifted on the piano.

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The Sunday School Overflow room is attached to the sanctuary.  The pastor's Sunday School class is conducted at the tables in the corner.  We also have our fellowship dinners in this room.