Book of Acts sermon series

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  Acts 1:1-11 "Receiving Power"
  Acts 2:1-18 "Too Much Wine?"
  Acts 2:42-47 "Fulfilling Fellowship"
  Acts 3:1-12 "Brothers, Can You Spare A Dime?"
  Acts 4:8-21 "The Limits of Loyalty"
  Acts 5:1-10 "You Can't Fool God"
  Acts 6:1-7 "Willing Waiters"
  Acts 9:1-19 "Seeing The Light"
  Acts 10:25-36 "Them, Too?"
  Acts 12:1-12 "Rescue Me"
  Acts 14:8-20 "Turn To The Living God"
  Acts 15:22-33 "Compromise Or Consensus?"
  Acts 17:16-33 "Seeking Skeptics"
  Acts 19:23-32 "Get All Excited"
  Acts 20:17-24 "What Makes Life Worthwhile"
  Acts 20:17-37 "A Pastor's Departure"
  Acts 26:19-29 "Almost Persuaded"

Rev. David Holwick
First Baptist Church
Ledgewood, New Jersey

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