Issues with Windows10

Windows10 creates some issues with SID 4.0 and Kerux2010 but there is a solution.  The problem usually arises for users who have 64-bit versions of Microsoft Office (especially the Access program) installed on their computer as well. Installing this free file from Microsoft, and then installing SID or Kerux2010, usually solves the problem:

I am not a technical expert but the issue seems to be that Kerux2010 (and SID) use some 32-bit background routines that are preempted by similar 64-bit routines that are made default by the newest versions of Office.  Installing the 32-bit runtime file (above) and then the SID or Kerux2010 files seems to fix it.  I run Kerux2010 and SID on a Windows10 computer so I know you can as well.

As always, be sure to backup regularly to preserve your work!  The key file for the database is "kerux.mdb" (SID) or "KeruxData.mdb" (Kerux2010).  These contain all the records in the database including the ones you add yourself.  You don't want to lose that when you do an upgrade.

Rev. David Holwick
May 18, 2016

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