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Advanced Search - makes a detailed search of records in the database.  This kind of searching allows the most flexibility because you can use Boolean arguments (and, if, less than, etc.)  This is the type of search that is used by the SID program.

In this example, the Type has been limited to Illustrations.  Each record will have "grace" in the Topic field.  The Bible reference field will contain "Eph 2:8" and only those illustrations that have been entered by David Holwick will be chosen.  The "And" fields show that the search are accumulative - each criteria must be fulfilled for a record to appear.  Leaving the lowest row blank does not affect the search but you cannot leave a higher row blank with search criteria set below that.  By the way, you can change the default search criteria (in this example: Topics/References/Typed By) at the Kerux Options page.

Hitting the Enter key begins the search.  If you have the complete database, at least 52 records will be selected.  On the Advanced Search Results form, click "Open All Results" on the menu bar.  Something like the following page will appear.  Note that the bottom left corner says "Record 1 of 52", indicating how many illustrations and/or sermons have been selected out of the database.  You can cycle through this set by clicking the Navigation buttons on the right side, and use the Accumulate button to copy specific records into the Windows Clipboard so you can paste them into your word processor.  (Some of this form has been condensed, so the full Accumulate sections is not visible.)

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