Capitalization Override

Several data fields on the records forms are programmed to automatically capitalize every word.  However, some words have complex capitalization (i.e., McDonald) and other words you do not want capitalized.  This table allows you to register words which will be spelled exactly as you type them here, at least for the fields Title, Topics, Author/Preacher.  If a word is followed by punctuation, such as followed by a comma because it is in a list of topics, this feature will not be applied.  The word must stand by itself or have a space on either side.

Add new words to the list by entering them on the bottom line.  You can add a descriptive note if you wish.  Only single words can be entered.

There will still be some exceptions - a few McDonalds prefer to spell it Mcdonald.  The only way to edit this is by editing with an update query, or directly on the table rather than through a form.  You must own the full Microsoft Access program in order to do this.


This code is derived from the "SetUpper" function  by Rob Richards <>

It is about the only code that Rev. Holwick has been able to incorporate into the database.  Almost all the rest is from the efforts of Chris Wareham, Brett Wilton and Edward Barclay.

Copyright 2011 by Rev. David Holwick

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