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Both the Export and Import features have limited usability at the present time (August 2011) due to complicated software code problems.  While you can create supplements, other users will probably not be able to import them correctly.  We are working on a solution and will post it on the website when it is available. 

Illustration and sermon supplements are posted on Pastor Holwick's website at   You will want to download supplements that are listed as "Access 2010 compatible".  Supplements are uploaded a few times a year and generally there is an annual catch-up.  The 2010 version has many improvements but not all the bugs have been worked out yet, especially in the area of importing and exporting.  New updates to the program will be posted on the website.

Supplements may contain sermons, illustrations, or both.  Some are new records and others are existing records that have been changed in some way such as the addition of better Bible references or Topics.

Some special supplements will include improvements to the programming behind the database.  Ideally you should be able to keep your database completely current by means of supplements - don't get in the habit of downloading a new mega-database every month or so.

Danger of Overwriting

Be aware that updated records in a supplement will overwrite records in your database.  Sometimes the change is dramatic, such as when a record was discovered to be a duplicate of something already in the database and so it was replaced with a completely different record, which has happened hundreds of times.  If you have changed record #123456 (for example) and the supplement has that record as well, all of your changes will be overwritten. 

Some fields are never overwritten - your personal notes, location and date used information, and Restricted and No Updates (previously called Do Not Update) areas are never overwritten, at least with supplements downloaded from the Holwick website.  The rare exception is a supplement created by another person with this new version, who includes those fields in their supplement.

The only records that can be overwritten are publicly shared ones - your personal sermons and illustrations will never be touched by an update because only you possess them.  Supplements operate by linking to the HolwickID number (and in this version, the Unique ID number).

You can safeguard any changes you make to a record by checking off the No Updates box.  Of course, if that record is found to be a duplicate, or if helpful Bible references are later added to it, you will never know.

Check the Supplement Date

Be careful to check the production date on any supplement you import.  If you have a brand-new mega-database and import a supplement that is three years old, the records that are affected will be downgraded with three-year-old data.  If you are building a database on your own by means of supplements, always import in order from the oldest to the newest.

Reviewing Supplements

Presently there is no way to review the changes that a supplement would make to your database.  Since supplements often contain thousands of records, you probably wouldn't want to anyway.

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