System requirements

Kerux 2010 requires the Windows operating system.  It is the first version of the database that is compatible with 64-bit operating systems like Vista and Windows 7 (but see this note).  It does not work on Macs, and it is unknown if it will work with Linux.  It will probably work in Linux in compatibility mode.

Kerux 2010 divides the database into the programming code (the file Kerux2010.accdb or Kerux2010.accdr) and the data file (KeruxData.mdb).  There are other supporting files as well.

Those who own the Microsoft Access 2010 can dig into the programming code behind the database.  Most users will be using what is called the free runtime version that is downloaded from the Microsoft website and they will not be able to make changes to the core of the program, although they can add and edit as many records as they like.

The data file is quite large - at least 1.0 gigabytes.  You should have at least 2 gigabytes on your hard-drive to install it.  The more computer memory you have, the faster it will run.  It is a good idea to make regular backups of the entire program, preferably to an external harddrive.

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