Updating the database

A great advantage of the Kerux database is the ability to import material from other users.  Importing covers far more than just the illustrations and sermons - updated database code is also included in some supplements and upgrades. 

A common practice of some users is to download the latest mega-database from the website every year or so (some even do it multiple times a year).  They would be getting the latest version but they are also sacrificing any personal data they have entered into the database, personal edits, and date-of-use information.  In effect, they are starting from scratch each time.

It is far wiser to keep the current database you are using and maintain it with regular supplements and software upgrades.  This way you get the latest advances and don't sacrifice your own material.

There are times when you must start over with a new database, such as upgrading from a 32-bit version to this 64-bit version.  It is still possible to transfer your personal data to the new version.  Creating a supplement of your material in the previous version and importing it into the new would solve part of the problem but certain fields like "Date used" are not included in the old-style exporting.  Someone with Access 2002 could create a supplement from your old material that would include everything.  Pastor Holwick can help you arrange this.

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