About the program

About the program

This archive represents decades of sermons in two churches by a Baptist minister.  You will notice some duplication of material and also changes in interpretation on some issues.  Many of the series were preached in sequence which can be traced by following the year listed to the right of the sermon title.  Bible studies are marked Bible studyIn some cases the main Scripture is not the focus of the entire sermon and may refer to just a minor point.

My original archive was produced as a Windows help file (.hlp) while the current one is compiled HTML Help (.chm).  The archive was produced with the HelpNDoc freeware program.  A huge benefit of such a program is that keywords can be associated with each sermon and the entire archive is searchable.  An added plus is that it can produce an archive of HTML files that can be uploaded to the internet complete with an index tree, keywords and search engine; see my Kerux2010 help file for an example.

The setup file is produced with Inno Setup Compiler by Jordan Russell.  It is also freeware.

I have composed my sermons since 1988 using an old DOS outline program called PcOutline.  It isn't broken so I don't fix it.

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