Database versions

Details on my downloadable sermon illustration databases

All of the illustrations in this program come from my Kerux database which comes in several versions:


       SID 4.0  (compatible with 64-bit systems)

       Kerux2010  (standalone version after installation of free Microsoft file; compatible with 64-bit systems)

       Access2002  (not "standalone" - requires the Microsoft Access 2002, or higher, database program)

You can download the mega-database versions for free, or compose your own with the mini-versions which you then expand with the supplement files.  The complete database contains 25,000+ sermons and 35,000+ illustrations from a large variety of sources and pastors.

Feedback is always appreciated, pro and con.  If links don't work, let me know.  I respond to all letters and don't share your email address with anyone else.  You can email me at

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