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Old Testament series

Church Issues

Ten Commandments


Old Testament Characters


Abraham, Man of Faith


Life of King David


Life of Elijah

Church and Fellowship

Tithing and Stewardship

Book of Genesis


Book of Exodus

Church Covenant

Book of Leviticus

After Acts: The History of the Early Church

Book of Numbers

50-Day Adventures:

Book of Deuteronomy

Cut the Clutter

Book of Joshua

Seeing the Unseen Christ

Book of Judges

The Church You've Longed For

Book of Ruth

Books of 1 & 2 Samuel

Topical series

Books of 1 & 2 Kings

Attributes of God

Books of 1 & 2 Chronicles

Spiritual Issues

Book of Nehemiah


Book of Esther

Theodicy  (understanding God's ways)

Book of Job

What Is Ours in Christ

Book of Psalms

Studies in the Holy Spirit

Book of Proverbs

We Are Gifted  (spiritual gifts)

Book of Ecclesiastes

Life, Death and Heaven

Song of Solomon

Prophecy & Second Coming

Book of Isaiah

Emotional Issues

Book of Jeremiah

Setting Boundaries

Book of Lamentations

Lies Christians Believe

Book of Ezekiel

It's Up To Me

Book of Daniel


Minor Prophets


Social Issues

Questions People Ask

Apologetics:  Defending the Faith

New Testament series

Jesus and Other Faiths

Current Controversies and Hot Potatoes

Introduction to New Testament

I Believe in God, But...

Characters in John

Twelve-Step Christianity

Personalities of the Passion

Purpose-Driven Life

The Holes of Life

Gospel of Matthew

Grow Your Faith

Gospel of Mark

Gospel of Luke

Family themes

Gospel of John

Honoring God

Book of Acts

Family Values

Husbands & Wives

Book of Romans

Parents, Kids, Grandparents

Book of 1 Corinthians

Family Communication

Book of 2 Corinthians

Family Finances

Book of Galatians

Family Problems

Book of Ephesians

Family Improvement

Book of Philippians

Family Concerns

Book of Colossians

Your Family's Foundation

1 Thessalonians

2 Thessalonians

Holiday sermons

Book of 1 Timothy

New Years

Book of 2 Timothy

Martin Luther King Day

Book of Titus

Valentine's Day

St. Patrick's Day

Book of Hebrews

Palm Sunday

Book of James

Good Friday

Book of 1 Peter


Book of 2 Peter

Memorial Day

Letters of John

Mothers' Day

Book of Revelation

Fathers' Day

Fourth of July

Jesus Christ and his teachings

Labor Day

A Fresh Look at Jesus

Columbus Day

The Person of Jesus


Quest for the Real Jesus


Essential Teachings of Jesus

Advent Sermons

Sermon on the Mount

Christmas Sermons

Life on the Level

What We Bring to Christmas

The Beatitudes

All I Want For Christmas

Lord's Prayer

Carols of Christmas

Parables of Jesus

Recapture the Essence

Matthew 10

Women of the Incarnation

Running Into Jesus

Baptist Distinctives

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