John  1_35-42      Tell Everybody

Rev. David Holwick  L                                   50-Day Adventure

First Baptist Church                                         Week 7

Ledgewood, New Jersey                                     Palm Sunday

April 8, 2001

John 1:35-42


  I. A grand entrance.

      A. Everyone was excited about Jesus.

          1) It didn't last, but it must have been incredible that day.

      B. Best sign of enthusiasm today - you tell others about Jesus.

          1) Have you reproduced?

              a) Dying denominations - biological growth only.

              b) How many here grew up in an Evangelical home?

          2) Fast-growing churches have learned how to get the message


II. The importance of "nobodies."

      A. Trivia questions:

         1. Who visited Dwight L. Moody at a shoe store and spoke to

               him about Christ?

         2. Who inspired Mother Theresa to become a lifelong servant of


         3. Who was the elderly woman who prayed faithfully for Billy

               Graham for over twenty years?

         4. Who was the young Baptist who gave your pastor his first

               Bible?                                               #1526

      B. Unknown people who are faithful to Jesus have played a big part

             in evangelizing the world.

          1) You are a "nobody" too - but think of your opportunities!

III. Andrew was a second-fiddle.

      A. He is never at the head of the line.

          1) Usually noted as Peter's "brother."     Mark 1:16, Luke 6:14

              a) Always mentioned second.

          2) In lists of the apostles, he is in middle.

              a) Andrew wasn't in Jesus' inner circle.

                  1> Healing of Jairus' daughter.

                  2> Mount of Transfiguration.

                  3> Gethsemane.

                      A> Andrew was not included.  (Peter, James & John)

              b) Yet he was among first two humans to follow Jesus.

          3) Andrew never got resentful, but kept following Jesus.

      B. Andrew was great at introducing people to Jesus.

          1) People came to him, and he brought them to Jesus.

              a) His own brother, Simon Peter.                 John 1:40

              b) Young boy with 5 loaves and 2 small fishes.   John 6:5-9

                  1> Others doubted; Andrew also doubted but he

                        did what he could.

              c) Greek inquirers and Philip.                John 12:21-22

          2) The secret of evangelism is inviting.

              a) Two-thirds to three-quarters of people come to a church

                    because a family member or friend invites them.

              b) They come to Jesus the same way - thru personal contact.

IV. People are more open than you think.

      A. Lee Strobel created a couple called "Unchurched Harry and Mary."

         Harry and Mary are the nice, decent people in your neighborhood

            who almost never go to church.

         They have lots of company - 55 to 78 million adults in the

            United States are unchurched.

         Based on his own experience in evangelism and data from

            researchers like George Gallop and George Barna, Strobel

               makes these observations:

           Observation #1:  Harry and Mary have rejected church, but

               that doesn't necessarily mean they have rejected God.

                  91% of American women and 85% of men pray.

               More than half of the unchurched claim to have made a

                  personal commitment to Jesus Christ that is important

                     in their life!

           Observation #2:  They are morally adrift, but secretly they

                  want an anchor.

               Only 13% of Americans say they believe in all the 10


               Many are looking for something to believe in that will

                  give their lives a real center.

           Observation #3:  They resist rules but respond to reasons.

               Don't just tell them "The Bible condemns...!" but explain

                  the psychological and physical effects their sin

                     can have.

           Observation #4:  They don't understand Christianity, but they

               are also ignorant about what they claim to believe in.

           Observation #5:  They have legitimate questions about

               spiritual matters, but they don't expect answers from


               Christians often make them feel stupid, and come across

                  as dominating and rigid.

           Observation #6:  They don't just ask, "Is Christianity true?"

               Often, they ask:  "Does Christianity work?"

               To see if it works they will look at your life.

           Observation #7:  They don't just want to know something;

               they want to experience it.

           Observation #8:  Harry and Mary don't want to be somebody's

                  project, but they would like to be somebody's friend.

               Mechanical witnessing will usually not reach them.

               If we truly care for them, whether they make spiritual

                  progress or not, they will eventually respond.


  V. Shine like Barnegat.

      A. Barnegat lighthouse is at end of Long Beach Island, New Jersey.

          1) The island shifts and changes, but the lighthouse is steady.

          2) It was built to show people the way.

      B. Have a lighthouse lifestyle.

          1) Watch how you live.

              a) Hypocrisy turns people off.

              b) Romans 2:24 - "God's name is blasphemed among the

                    Gentiles because of you."

          2) Focus on needs of people around you.

              a) The "B.L.E.S.S." principle in prayer:

                  1> Bodily needs.      Health, protection, safety.

                  2> Labor issues.      Job, income.

                  3> Emotional needs.   Joy, peace, hope.

                  4> Social concerns.   Family, friends, love.

                  5> Spiritual needs.   Salvation, sensitivity to God.

              b) Pray for them, then serve them.

                  1> Through acts of kindness, many doors will open.

                  2> A man named Frank emailed me this week.

                     He has a doctorate of religion but holds a

                        regular job.

                     Gives him lots of real-life stories.

                        (Children's sermons and prison sermons)

      C. Make witnessing about Jesus a part of your everyday life.

          1) It is not something strange you have to memorize, like a

                telemarketing script.

             (hold your breath and spew it out...)

          2) You are communicating what you have experienced.

VI. Salvation is meant to be shared.

      A. Individuals get saved, but then they are wrapped into a church.

          1) Christianity is a lifestyle that yearns for companionship.

          2) We need other Christians to sharpen us.

          3) A lively fellowship will be a light for others.

      B. Who would you like to see saved?

          1) Have you ever spoken to them?

          2) Have you ever prayed for them?  Serious prayer...

          3) Think how you can serve them.


Although this sermon was part of a "50-Day Adventure," this sermon did

  not follow the ones in that series.


#1526   "You Are Not a Nobody," by Charles R. Swindoll in book "Encourage

           Me," 1982, page 27.

#3107   "Meet Unchurched Harry and Mary," by Lee Strobel, Discipleship

           Journal #83, Sept/Oct 1994, page 38.

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