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Sources of illustrations used in this program...

Like most pastors, I gather illustrations from any source I can.  Unlike most pastors, I like to provide the full referencing for the sources I use in my sermons.  This referencing can be found in my free Kerux Sermon & Illustration mega-database which is available in several versions.  You will notice some sources more than others in this collection and I list the most important ones here.  I subscribe (or have subscribed) to each of them and would encourage you to do so as well.

Click on the blue title to go to their website:

Christianity Today

I have about five feet of bookshelf devoted to my copies though today I rely more on their website.  CT has the highest quality evangelical commentary and articles.

Discipleship Journal

Very practical articles on spirituality.  I could always find sermon material in an issue.  Sadly, it is no longer published.  You can purchase the "Discipleship Journal's Anthology on CD-ROM" with 25 years of issues for under $30 online.  You can search an archive of back issues at the NavPress website if you complete the free registration.

Leadership Journal

Their "To Illustrate..." feature has been popular from the beginning.  They are a good source for online sermon illustrations, though it is now a paid service.

Baptist Press

I get the daily press release of the Southern Baptists and it often contains great spiritual stories and testimonies.  To get this free service, sign up here.

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