Holwick's Win98 Sermon Illustration Archive

First version (1.0): December 24, 1999

Current Version - 3.0 Size: 3.4 megabytes
Date: January 2003 Illustrations: 2,100

CLICK HERE to download the setup file for Holwick's Win98 Sermon Illustration Archive, a free program that contains hundreds of my sermon illustrations. This is in the form of a Windows 95 help-file and is the illustration program most pastors will want to choose. It is easy to use and you do not need extra programs to operate it like you do with the other databases. I think it is pretty slick, and the setup program will automatically install it on your computer; it is self-extracting. This file is on the Tripod download page - choose the last file in the table.

This archive has over 2,100 illustrations but will not be updated since the original data file was lost in a computer fire.

The advantage of this archive is that it is simple, compact and each illustration is keyed with Bible references and topics. There is also a built-in search engine that will cruise through all the illustrations to pull up the ones that match your search phrase.

This archive has limitations compared to my other databases. Illustrations can be annotated but not added or edited. If you are using one of my databases you don't need this one since it duplicates the material in them.  With the new "SID" interface, any computer user can install the complete mega-database with tens of thousands of sermons and illustrations.  No other programs are required!  See http://www.holwick.com/sermons/database.html for details.

I would like to thank Rev. Tim Gibson, who also has an illustration archive, for letting me know about the compiler program, helpMATIC Pro 1.23. The setup program is freeware by Jordan Russell called Inno-setup. If you find errors or discrepancies in the archive please bring them to my attention.

I would also like to thank Iain in England for returning version 3.0 to me.

If you download it, please drop me a line and give your comments by emailing me at dholwick@gmail.com. (This is for my own interest - I don't send you junk mail or give your address to anyone else)


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