Upgrading to SID 4.0

SID 4.0 adds the ability to import and export supplements.  If you are a current user of SID and never add any new material of your own to it, just download the newest mega version and go to work.

If you are a current SID user and have added your own illustrations and sermons to the database, you can transfer them to the new database if you do it correctly.  There are two ways to upgrade:

1. You can use the upgrade file which overwrites only the SID executable and then use the Supplements page to bring your database up to date.

2. You can download and install a new mega-database version.  The mega-database installation file gives you all the latest records but it will overwrite your existing data file and erase any records you have added yourself.  Here is the way to save your own records if you are upgrading to SID 4.0 from SID-64.  The old version of SID-64 cannot do imports but it can do exports.  Before you install SID 4.0, identify all your personal records in SID-64 and export them as a supplement.  One way to do this is to select all the records that have your name in the Collection/Typist field or in the Author field (assuming you put your name there to identify personal records).  Export them as a supplement such as "My_Illustrations.mdb".  You will have to do this for both illustrations and sermons since they are kept in two different parts of the database.  Then backup your data file which should be called "kerux.mdb" and is found in the directory ".../SID/data".  Give it a new name like "Old_kerux.mdb".   Install SID 4.0 and use the Import icon to add your supplement to the new database.

Be sure to backup regularly to preserve your work!  Especially backup before installing a new upgrade or doing major work with your database.  External hard-drives are pretty inexpensive and are perfect for backing up massive files like this.


Rev. David Holwick
Updated October 18, 2013

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