Holwicks in the Wind River Wilderness, Wyoming, 2003

(I took the panorama with my Olympus 3030 camera)


The frontpiece of the Rand McNally World Atlas has an incredible picture of a mountain lake surrounded by tall peaks.  The place is called the Cirque of the Towers and I decided I would have to hike there someday.

In August 2003 we made the long trek out west and made this hike the focus of our vacation.  It was everything I had hoped for, but a lot harder. 

Here is a pictorial of our experiences in Wyoming and Oregon.

The Big Sandy Trailhead is farther than you think.  Lots farther.  After endless miles of dirt roads it began to get dark.  Finally we noticed cars parked across a stream.  Not the trailhead.  We kept going until we came to a multitude of vehicles parked on the side of the road.  This was the trailhead.  It was a typical Forest Service camping area and just about filled up.

The next morning we put on our backpacks and headed to Big Sandy Lake.  It is a beautiful lake and an easy hike.  Several young families were camped along the shores.  Our girls sunned themselves on the 20-foot-long beach and then we headed up Jackass Pass.
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