Contributors to Holwick's databases

Abraham Kudra is a 75+-year-old Pentecostal preacher from Canada.

Abe collects reams of material which he shares with the database.  He is learning to follow my formatting conventions and has a very humble heart.  He graduated from Summit Pacific College in British Columbia in 1951.  He can be reached at

Fredericksburg Church of Christ

Located in the Hill Country of Texas, this church offers a large number of illustrations in the Parsons' Bible Illustrator format.  More than 8,000 of these illustrations have been incorporated in this database.  Bob Mathews is their webmaster, and their download page is at

Paul Apple
is the developer of Biblekey, from which many of the sermon collections have been derived.

Paul is a graduate of Princeton University with an M.Div. from Grace Theological Seminary in Winona Lake, Indiana. He lives in the Baltimore area with his wife and four children and is the Marketing Manager for the local Caterpillar distributor.

Paul's family is actively involved in several homeschooling and sports ministries along with local church responsibilities. Paul has been a tremendous help to me.

Biblekey gathers sermons into archives and has a sophisticated format; it is no longer on the internet but can be provided by Paul. His email is

Roddy Chestnut
was serving the West Point church of Christ in Virginia and lives in Colonial Heights.

He also works at Pierce-Leahy Archives during the week. He graduated from Ohio Valley College, Harding Graduate School of Religion, and Cincinnati Bible Seminary. Roddy contributed his 1,400+ illustration database and also has his own sermons in the collection.

Don Johnson is the pastor of Grace Baptist Church of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

Don has contributed several hundred sermon illustrations.