This photo is from Sarah and Matt's wedding in August 2015.  Kara and Weston were not able to attend.

A "trailer" video Josiah did for Dan & Kara's wedding.  The full video is here.  Many of the videos he has done for school projects are at the same site.

Sarah and Matt have an engagement webpage and a trailer and full video of their wedding done by Josiah and Julia.

Updated January 2, 2018

Our Christmas photo pages...

Vacations with a little adventure thrown in.

Yellowstone 1995 - photo essay of Hayden Valley filled with buffalo and our favorite swimming holes.

Grand Gulch, Utah, 1997 - exploring a canyon filled with ancient Anasazi cliff dwellings.

Molas Pass, CO, 1997 - hiking through wild flowers at 12,000 near the Continental Divide.

Family photos from May 2001. (sorry about the pop-up ads)

Southwest USA, 2001 - Lots of canyon hikes.

Wyoming and Oregon, 2003 - Mountains and sandboarding.

Southwest USA, 2005 - Rockies, canyons, Vegas - just the guys.

Family photos from 2013 - assorted vacations and our Germany trip.

Colorado-Utah bike trip 2014 - a typical Holwick vacation, including disaster.

(see below for more albums on Facebook)

The Holwick family

David and Celeste met in 1978 while he was in Gordon-Conwell Seminary in Massachusetts.  They lived in an attic apartment in Ipswich, then a trailer in Pepperell, and then served their first church in West Lafayette, Ohio, in 1982. We moved to Ledgewood, New Jersey, in 1989. Our house is right next to the church and was infamous for the tall skateboard ramps in the backyard (quietly destroyed after he left for college). We homeschooled all our children before sending them to Roxbury High School.  All of them moved to Denver and have since scattered across the country - Lake Tahoe NV, Lakewood CO, Albany NY, and Beverly MA.  Dan and Kara made us grandparents in July 2015 with little William Weston.

Celeste is a registered nurse and works as a manager in the Welkind Rehabilitative Center in Chester, NJ.  In the autumn of 2005 she was diagnosed with stage III uterine and ovarian cancer and had surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy.  She has been cancer-free ever since, though the treatments do leave their reminders...

Our ministry has a special emphasis on Bible studies and one-on-one discipleship. Celeste also has a gift for youth work.

Our passions in life include hiking, camping in National Parks, and bike riding. David is an avid amateur astronomer and has observed over 400 asteroids and 600 galaxies with his 10" Dobsonian telescope.  He is also a stained-glass hobbyist and creates reproduction Tiffany lamps for family and friends. The current (much-delayed) project is a full-sized window for the church.

Our current pet is Carol the Cat who followed the church Christmas carolers home in 2011.  She had a litter of four and each found a nice home.  We made sure she wouldn't have any more.

Facebook photo albums

They are "public" so viewable to anyone with a Facebook account 

1955-1982 David growing up  (updated 2012)
1980 Wedding of David and Celeste (more photos added 2012)
1982-1989 David at First Baptist, West Lafayette, Ohio
1989-2012 David at First Baptist, Ledgewood, New Jersey
2009 random photos
2011 Hurricane Irene in Ledgewood
2012 Holwick's Southwest Vacation


More Facebook albums

The Holwick family down through the years
Josiah Holwick pictures
Celeste (Triehy) Holwick pictures

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