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Last updated October 24, 2014

All of my sermons - 1,421 in all - in the online version of my archive.  Current as of October 2014.

  (I had to disable the Index and Search features online but you can still use those in the downloadable version.)

Sermon and Illustration Mega-Database

My sermon and illustration databases and archives are larger than ever.  A page that describes the various options is here.

SID mega-database of sermons and illustrations.  A new version of SID is now online with all features enabled, including export and format editing. 

Semi-annual supplements for all three versions - SID, Kerux2010, Access2002 - are online.   (October 2014)

There are also versions for Microsoft Access users.  Searchable, easy to update, and you can add your own material, too.  It is freeware like everything else at this site.

Check out who uses the SID / Kerux database around the world.  Updated on February 8, 2014.


    Illustration Links

    All the free sermon illustration sites I believe are worthwhile, with 40+ listed. I include my own comments on each one. I am trying to make this the most comprehensive free illustration info page on the web. Some of the sites are not traditional illustration sources but you will find the material very helpful for sermons. Let me know if you come across an excellent site I have missed. Click here.

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