Custom Resource

The Custom Resource is a new feature.  Essentially you are creating a Super-Topic that records can be associated with.

For example, if you are collecting children's sermons you could start a custom resource called "Children's Sermons".  Go to the Main Menu, click Custom Type List and type in whatever you want the name of your resource to be - in this case, Children's Sermons.  You can add as many entries as you like.

As you work in the Resources form (the main form for handling sermons and illustrations) you may come across material that could work as a children's sermon.  Just click the down-arrow in the Custom Type box and choose the entry "Children's sermon".  After you have associated some material with this category, just go back to the Main Menu > Custom Type List section, find "Children's sermons", and click the Open All button.  The first record associated with that custom topic will appear, and you can use the navigation buttons to cycle through the rest.

Custom Lists can be exported as a supplement on the Export menu in the Maintenance section.

Only one Custom Type can be associated with a particular record.  To use more types, you would be better off just using the Topics field to give records topics that will associate them together.

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