This short tutorial will give you the basics of using the database.  It will begin with a lot of graphics since you may be new to the program.

This first page (above) shows the Main Menu after the Advanced Search has been clicked.  I will be searching in Both sermons and illustrations, with "salvation by grace" as the Topic and "eph 2:8" as the Bible reference.  The Scripture could also be spelled out as "Ephesians 2:8".  Hit the Enter key and the search begins.

This is the result of the search.  Only one record is showing but the number in the upper right corner tells me there are a total of ten records found.  Click Open All Results to begin working with them.

Now we are on the Resources form, which is the normal way to view sermon and illustration records.  This Full view includes most of the references; clicking the Simple view button hides some of them.  The navigation buttons (circled at upper right and lower left) help me cycle through all the records in this "set".  When I come across one I like, I click the Accumulate button and the count increases by one.  When I click Send they are sent to the Windows Clipboard and I can paste them into my word processor.  The count in this box would then read "0".  Hitting the Clear key also resets the counter.

Note that this is an illustration that replaced a previous one, I have never used it before, and it was entered into the database on April 28, 2006 (the gray text in the lower left corner).

Also notice the tabs at the top of the Resources form that read Home, Search Results and Resources.  The last one reflects the page I am looking at.  The other tabs are pages that are still open but hidden.  Click on Home and the Main Menu pops up again; the page above would still be available if I click its tab.  If I click Close on the menu bar (under the Resources heading)  the Search Results page will appear; click Close on that and the Main Menu appears.  At that point no other tabs would be open.

The blue menu bar can also get you back to the search forms on the Main Menu, or you can Print this record, or add a new record (you will be prompted to indicate whether it is a sermon or an illustration).

Below the blue menu bar are the tabs for the Resources form.  There are actually four pages - the main illustration (or sermon) page, this Details page, a Cross-References page, and an Attachments page.

The Details page is where you register where a sermon or illustration has been used.  The first red circle shows the newest version, with the "children's sermon" note above the date.  The next time this illustration is used I would enter the note on the line underneath "9/25/2005" and I would put the new date above that.

The second red circle represents the descriptive text note you can add for clarification.


The above is just a brief tour through the Kerux database.  You can browse through this help file for much more information.  The best way to learn the database is to simply use it consistently.  If you have suggestions for improvements, please let us know.

Copyright 2011 by Rev. David Holwick

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