Kerux Main Menu

The Kerux Main Menu form is the standard starting place for using the database.  Each of the topics on the left lead to more options on the right.  The bottom of the form gives you a quick view of the total number of records in your database.

On the right side of the page you will see a list of resources you have edited or added recently.  If you double-click on the green (illustration) or blue (sermon), that record will pop open so you can review it or edit it.

Search Resources

       Basic Search

       Advanced Search


       View all resources  (takes you to the Resources form, with no filters applied)

       All resources - Simple  (takes you to the Simple Resources form, with no filters applied)

       New Sermon

       New Illustration

Series List

Custom Type List


       Export Resources

       Import Resources

       Backup Kerux

       Kerux Options

       Bible Abbreviations

       User Shortcuts

       Capitalization Override

       Holwick website

       About Kerux

Below the Main Menu box are three indicators of how many records your database currently contains.

Below that is the help button.  Pressing the F1 key will also launch the help file on most forms.  If your cursor is in a particular field, specific help for that field should appear.  The help file also has an extensive index and search capability.


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